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CIP expands its product portfolio in the area of photovoltaics

As a result of our exclusive partnership with the Chinese enterprise TBEA Inverter, from the beginning of 2015 on, CIP’s product range includes also power inverters. TBEA Inverter is one of the most successful and fastest growing developers and producers of solar inverters. We act as TBEA’s distributor largely exclusively worldwide. The team jointly integrated by CIP and TBEA is mainly active in the areas of distribution, technical sales and aftersales and seeks to dynamically expand and further the global sales of power inverters.

Power Inverters by TBEA Inverter.

Power Inverters by TBEA Inverter.

Highly efficient. Dependable. Easily integrated.
Power Inverters by TBEA Inverter.

TBEA Inverter – a TBEA Group subsidiary – was established in 2010 and, until to-date, has installed photovoltaic inverters with a total capacity in excess of five gigawatt. This makes TBEA Inverter a market leader worldwide in the industry. Likewise, the enterprise’s production capacity for 2015 is 5 GW. TBEA solar inverters already operate in Kazakhstan, India, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, France, the UK, Algeria and the U.S. and China, among others. Since 2014, the enterprise has been present in Munich with a branch office of its own.

Solar inverters by TBEA Inverter excel through their high efficiency and field-proven technology, as well as their especially easy installation and maintenance. Such outstanding product qualities are above all due to the enterprise’s excellent R&D team: For almost one and a half decades now, numerous highly qualified engineers, in ultra-modern labs and test facilities, have continuously been working on the inverter technology of the future. More than 60 patents in the field of power electronics have been the result, thus far. For more on the TBEA group visit

Power Inverters by TBEA Inverter.

TBEA Group: Number 1 worldwide in system integrators for solar power systems

The history of TBEA Inverter‘s parent enterprise already reaches 70 years into the past. Currently, TBEA Group is the world’s largest supplier for transformers and, at the same time, the global leader when it comes to system integration (EPC) for photovoltaic facilities. Hence TBEA Group is a powerful multi-billion partner by the side of the CIP/TBEA Sales Company.

The group’s business fields range from “transformers & transmission technology” through “new energies” all the way to “new materials”. TBEA is present around the globe with over 50 branch offices. For more about the TBEA Group visit

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